Social media coaching

There’s a lot of noise on social media. There are so many posts. We don’t know where to look or what to focus on. 

Plus, you’re already doing so many different things. And you have to do social media on top of that. When do you find the time?

It’s a habit. 

And building a new habit is hard. Don’t post once a week on three different social media and then stop after 2 months because you didn’t get the results you wanted. Don’t do that.  

Be consistent, show how professional you are and set yourself apart. You know what your clients know, talk about the same things and have the same references. You know them and you show it.

Let’s build your social media habit together. 

We meet for 1h every week for 2 months. During our meetings, we review what you did the previous week and plan what you’ll do the next one. 

We do that for 2 months. After 2 months, you will have built your habit.  

Show how consistent and professional you are. Set yourself apart.




2 months