Send your newsletter

Your clients are busy. They’re doing other things and forgetting about you. Remind them why what you do is awesome. 

Show up where they are, their email inbox. 

Teach them what they need to know, on their own terms. Be there for them, again and again. 

When they’ll need your services, and they will, they’ll know where to find you. 

Cherry on the cake, it’s easy to recommend you.  

We will:

  1. discuss what to add
  2. review before sending
  3. analyse the results after

I will:

  1. set up the email marketing tool I recommend, Mailerlite
  2. write the email
  3. design it
  4. test
  5. plan to send after you review and confirm it

Your clients are forgetting about you. Show up where they are and on their own term. That is your newsletter.




1 week