Optimise your website

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I won’t sugar coat it. A website is a big project, and it’s technical. 

So take the hassle out of it. 

I take care of the technical part, which I love. You take care of the fun part, which you’ll love.

All I need from you is 3 interviews of 1h with you. Together, we’ll:

  1. set a goal so we’ll know if it’s a success
  2. discuss what to add
  3. review the website I created from our discussion (twice if needed)

On my side, I will:

  1. set up the CMS I recommend, Squarespace
  2. write the text
  3. design the website
  4. publish it after you review and confirm the content

A website can be a big and scary task. It doesn’t have to. 

Take the hassle out of it. 

Leave the technical part to me, focus on the fun. Why you need a website, your goal, and what I will add to it.  




~5 pages

2 weeks