Contact influencers

Your clients don’t listen to you. They don’t know who you are or how awesome your work is. They don’t know, yet.  

But they do know and listen to their influencers. They read their blogs, buy their books, watch their YouTube shows and listen to their podcasts. 

So work with their influencers. Offer to create content and educate your clients together. 

But who are your clients’ influencers?

We need to decide two things:

  1. who we will contact
  2. what we will offer them

That’s it for you. 

I take care of the rest:

  1. find and list them    
  2. write 3 scripts (connection, pitch, and follow up)
  3. optimise the scripts over time to get better results

We have one 1h call every week to review the previous week responses and the next week messages. 

Out of all the influencers I helped to contact:

30% connected

20% replied

5% agreed to jump on a call

Your clients don’t listen to you but to their influencers. Partner with them and create content together. 

Your clients will see you.  




100 contacts

2 months