Simple marketing for busy freelancers

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Marketing can be confusing. There are many things to do. It’s so large.

What should you do?

Do what you love.

Work with clients who love what you do and whom you love to work with.

But who are they? Where do you find them? And how do you reach them?

Get clarity.

Hi, I’m Fanny.

One of my first jobs was to create a website and share a few posts on social media.

Everybody understood it was important, nobody really knew how to do it.

So I studied digital marketing and broke down the world best marketers’ advice into 7 steps.

You’re worth doing what you love.

What about starting now?

Bad clients pay late, change their ideas last minute and message you at 7 pm, on Saturday.

Best clients pay when they receive your invoice, respect your boundaries, and love your work.

Who are your best clients?

Marketing is so large. There are so many things to do.

How do you know where to start? 

Don’t second guess.

Know where to find your clients, how, when and what to say. All that in one page.

There’s a lot of noise on social media. Plus, when do you find the time to post?

It’s a habit. And building a new habit is hard.

Be consistent, show how professional you are and set yourself apart.

Your clients don’t listen to you. But they do know and listen to their influencers.

So work with them. Offer to create content and educate your clients together. 

Who are your clients’ influencers?

A website can be a big and scary task. It doesn’t have to. 

Take the hassle out of it. 

I take care of the technical part, which I love. You take care of the fun part, which you’ll love.

Your clients are busy doing something else and forgetting about you. 

Show up where they are and on their own term. That is your newsletter. 

When they’ll need your services, they’ll know where to find you.  

Kristin Eyschen - Integrative Health Consultant

Without her amazing guidance and help, I would have been completely lost on how to set up and understand all the analytical part of having a website.  

Larry - Musician

Went above and beyond! I hired them to do some marketing research in Germany because I am from America and know little about the country. She came back with thorough and detailed information that I would've never been able to find.

Philippe Grégoire - Consultancy & Communication in Healthcare

Fanny not only has a deep knowledge of the digital market, but she is also passionate and will try to understand your business challenges, before coming with a concrete and complete plan to hep you develop your business